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Death of Corfu man in Alykes was suicide

29 Nov 2019 / 14:24

CORFU. Just as with the 46-year-old woman in the same area on 8 November today΄s death was a suicide.

The death of the 70-year-old man earlier today (Friday 29/11) near the public beach in Alykes was due to suicide with a sharp object (razor).

According to Corfu Medical Examiner Ioannis Aivatidis, who conducted the autopsy, there was absolutely no evidence that death was due to anything other than suicide.

Earlier today his daughter had reported him missing.

No note was found in the car.

It was just three weeks ago that the body of a 46-year-old woman was found in the same area. She had died of an overdose of pills.

This is what the Medical Examiner had to say