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Exhibition: "Far away...the island of salvation...the Serbs in Corfu (1916-18)"

17 Dec 2018 / 08:42

CORFU. As part of 2018 - European Year of Cultural Heritage the Antiquities Inspectorate is organizing an exhibition in the Latin Chapel in the Old Fortress.

The exhibition is about the Serbs in Corfu (1916 - 18).

The exhibition includes contemporary documents, rich photographic material, correspondence, newspapers, printed material and works of art from private collections in Corfu and Athens.

It also includes works of art by modern Greek and Serbian artists - Vladimir Velicković, Milan Zunić, Budimir Dimitrijević, Miodrag Perić, Yiannis Adamakis, Andreas Kontellis, Angelos Skourtis, Ioanna Vlachou, Giorgos Yiotsas and Elena Papadimitriou.

Exhibition opening: Monday 17 December at 19:00

Duration: 17/12/18 - 5/5/19

Opening hours: Daily 09:00 - 16:00

Information: 2661048310, 2661027935