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Corfu Seamen Give Warning of 48-hour Strikes

48-hour Strikes
11 Oct 2017 / 09:28

CORFU. The local Corfu Seaman’s Union ‘St. Spiridon’ has cast aspersions on the National Seaman’s Federation with the issue of contention being the collective labour agreements for domestic ferries.

There was a 4-hour work stoppage by the seamen from the Corfu-Igoumenitsa ferry crossing on Monday from 08.00-12.00 and another on Tuesday from 12.00-16.00
The Local Seamen’s Union held a General Assembly and announced their decisions in a sharply phrased letter to the National Seamen’s Federation. The Corfu seamen expressed their concern at the lack of support from the Federation and the carte blanche signature to the collective labour agreements by their General Secretary, Yiannis Chalas.
The local Union unanimously agreed to an escalation in their industrial action with repeated 48-hour strikes if their demands aren’t satisfied.

The Official Letter from the Corfu Seamen’s Union:
“The first work stoppage took place with the participation of all crew members.  However, the main issue of concern at our General Assembly was the concern of the speakers at the lack of support from the National Seamen’s Federation and other Seamen’s Unions for our local union, with the exception of the Hellenic Merchant Navy Organization which gave their written support as well as sending their General Secretary Georgios Krokidis to the General Assembly.
It was also decided unanimously to go ahead with repeated 48-hour strikes if our demands aren’t satisfied regarding the collective labour agreement for domestic ferries, which you gave carte blanche to without making any effort to assert the rights of the seamen.
P.S. This is how we fight for collective agreements and rights Mr. Chalas and other members of Seamen’s Unions, not by the inaction you have shown due to age and convenience.”