New motorcycle parking measures from today

CORFU. The new motorcycle parking regulations in Corfu Town come into force today, Wednesday 8 January.

Ιανουαρίου / 2020

The Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal Department of Technical Works' plan for motorcycle parking in Corfu Town is now being implemented.

In a press release three weeks ago the Department and the Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros announced there would be temporary measures in Corfu Town for the festive period.

According to the local authority plan, new parking areas will be created and the existing ones will be removed in the following streets - Giorgiou Theotoki, Mantzarou, St. Dessila, Scholemvourgo, Capodistriou and Agoniston Polytechniou.

The new parking areas were announced in a press release issued by the Municipal Department of Technical Works on 18 December.

During the festive period all traffic was banned from the section of Samar St. between the Municipal Theatre and the Regional offices.

With the new road signage and road markings parking is now completely prohibited on the aforementioned section of Samara St. in line with a previous decision taken by the former Corfu Municipal Council.

The period of grace for the festive period has now come to an end on Wednesday 8 January and the full measures planned by the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal Department of Technical Works come into force.

The Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros told Enimerosi that the local authority is working together with the police to ensure proper policing of the new motorcycle parking areas in Corfu Town. The Traffic Police tow-truck will go to wherever there is a violation and officers will be monitoring the situation all day - especially at peak hours - ensuring that the regulations are being followed and reporting any violations.

According to information received by Enimerosi, the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality is seriously considering bringing back Municipal Police in order to ensure proper policing of the town, including parking, in an effort to improve the daily lives of the public.

Unregulated motorcycle parking is not a problem just in Corfu but also in most, if not all, of the towns in Greece. This is why new legislature is expected soon from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport regarding special parking areas for motorcycles and bicycles.

TThese changes in the heart of Corfu Town along with the creation of new taxi ranks in San Rocco and Kanoni could improve matters in the centre of town as long, of course, as the public is properly informed - to begin with, at any rate - and there is proper policing.