North and South Corfu Municipalities can now be included in the recycling platform

CORFU. The Municipalities of North & South Corfu and Paxos can now be included in the recycling platform which is already online.

Οκτωβρίου / 2019

The platform aims to inform, educate and raise public awareness. At the moment if someone from the north or south visits the Followgreen platform, they will be disappointed to find only the Central Corfu Municipality (recently renamed Corfiot and Diapontian Municipality) as the project had been set up for one municipality before the island was split up into three municipalities.

Those who access the online platform will be able to create an account as a resident / householder and collect bonus points for completing specific actions which can be used at participating local businesses with discount coupons. Environmental articles will be published on the platform and there will be a map with the Recycling Centres in the Central Corfu Municipality.

The President of Corfu Solid Waste Management Association (SYDISA) Spyros Aspiotis told Enimerosi that he has sent written communication and spoken by phone with the other Mayors to get their agreement to go ahead with the necessary procedures (research, extend competition inclusion etc.). This requires the Mayors to set up cooperation with affiliated businesses who wish to take part with special offers. Given the strong interest in recycling, Spyros Aspiotis considers it a reasonable assumption that the conditions will be met and the procedure completed by the end of the year.

Statement from SYDISA:
"The recycling platform for the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands went online on 29 September and Corfu SYDISA is now proceeding to allow the inclusion of the other Municipalities - North and South Corfu and Paxos.

The recycling platform has been developed to inform, educate and raise public awareness. All the Municipalities will have a useful tool to reward those who support recycling with discounts from local and Municipal businesses and services. Municipalities will also educate school pupils and encourage them to recycle with School Recycling Competitions."

The project is supported by Corfu Chamber of Commerce.