Cinema Tourism in Corfu - Workshop on 27 September

The Award Best European Film Location of 2018 next to the Hellenic Film Centre representatives

CORFU. 27 September has been set as the date for the workshop - the first step in making local organisations and the economy friendly and supportive to whoever chooses Corfu as a filming location.

Ιουνίου / 2019

There was another meeting on Tuesday evening involving executives from the Hellenic Film Centre and members of the Corfu initiative who, in collaboration with the Municipality, had invited them.

The Hellenic Film Centre Director Venia Vergou and Coordinator Stavroula Geronimaki will now collaborate with the new local authorities along with local organisers of the workshop to set up an office here to assist film producers.

Present at the meeting were Deputy Mayor V. Kavadias and D. Gerekou, NTO Director K. Tsoumanis, President of the Ionian University History Department T. Efstathiou, HATTA representative V. Kontos, re-elected Regional Councillor Ch. Skourtis and the hosts and organisers of the Corfu tourism άει-forum Takis Anagnostakos and Georgios Katsaitis. The newly-elected Mayor Meropi Ydraiou was to have been at the meeting but due to a flight delay from Athens was unable to attend.