Greenpeace: The protest movement against oil-drilling is growing

CORFU. The Greek leg of Rainbow Warrior΄s European campaign "United for Climate" ended with a panhellenic forum in Corfu with initiatives against drilling for hydrocarbons.

Ιουνίου / 2019

Thirteen initiatives and citizens' groups against drilling for hydrocarbons from throughout Greece met on Greenpeace's boat in Corfu Port to share their experiences and discuss the next steps to be taken together.

The groups that took part in the forum were: SOS Epirus - Citizens' Network Against Hydrocarbon Exploitation, Arta Initiative, Parga Initiative, “NO OIL” Thesprotia Citizens' Initiative (Igoumenitsa), Zakynthos Initiative for an Ionian Sea free of Hydrocarbons, Heraklion Ecological Intervention, Cephalonia-Ithaka Open Assembly against Hydrocarbon Drilling, Fossil Free Corfu, SOS Kiparisiakos Citizens' Initiative, "Stop Drilling!" Preveza Citizens' Initiative, Paxos Citizens' Initiative, Patras Ecology Movement.

According to the Greenpeace press release: "In the coming months there will be mass global activities from the public, groups, organisations, students and trade unions to tackle climate change and the presence of Rainbow Warrior in our country is sending out a clear message that the Greek movement against hydrocarbon drilling is growing in strength and becoming part of the global climate movement."

Rainbow Warrior came to Greece to support the local communities and to connect the urgency of the climate crisis with the hydrocarbon drilling that is threatening our country. The presence of the ship in Athens, Cephalonia, Patras and Corfu was accompanied by activities and discussions regarding drilling and the just energy transition to an economy with zero carbon emissions. The ship's next stop on its 'United for Climate' European campaign is Italy.

The climate crisis knows no borders, political jurisdiction, race or social class. The message of Joanna Sustento from the Philippines to those at the Corfu Forum was clear: "Whatever we allow to happen here affects someone else in the Philippines and the rest of the world and vice versa."

"We must act together and we must act now. There is no more time and our individual responsibility is growing," said Kostas Grimanis.