Bird grounds Airbus in Corfu

CORFU. Maybe nobody else noticed it but one bird was enough to ground the A320 aircraft at Corfu Airport and activate inspection and repair procedures according to regulations.

Ιουνίου / 2019

When it flew into the Airbus one small bird was enough to ground the 'big bird'. The incident, involving an Aegean flight from Athens to Corfu, took place on Thursday afternoon.

According to a reliable source, the A320 aircraft had started its descent towards Corfu AIrport and just before Paxos at a height of 5,000 feet the port engine sucked in a bird!

The pilot understood what had happened but the passengers didn't. The same source says that it is quite a normal occurrence but regulations demand rigorous inspection of the engine including, experts say, the collection of genetic material when possible so that all the flight data can be updated.

The AIrbus is still at the airport awaiting the arrival of the company's technical crew.