The flame red Ferraris have arrived in Corfu!

CORFU. The Ferraris have arrived on the island! On Monday the legendary cars from Club Passione Rossa drove around the streets of Corfu Town drawing the attention of all passersby.

Ιουνίου / 2019

Following it΄s success in 2018, Club Passione Rossa is back in Corfu to celebrate its birthday with dozens of Ferraris which will take part in various events (road shows etc.) in the centre of Corfu Town.

On Tuesday 18 June the public will be able to admire them in the pedestrian precinct in Evg. Voulgareos St. 40 luxury Ferraris will be taking part in the road show from the Italian Passione Rossa club, whose members are exclusively Italian businesspeople, owners and collectors.

There will be contests with travel prizes and visitors will have the opportunity to see the legendary sports cars up close and to enjoy a ride!