San Giacomo Association signs Venice protest letter

CORFU. Demonstration in Venice on Saturday.

Ιουνίου / 2019

Corfu San Giacomo Cultural Association has added its signature to the letter of protest following the accident with a cruise ship in Venice. A demonstration is being organised in Venice on Saturday 8 June to raise public awareness about keeping large cruise ships at a safe distance from the historical centre and there will also be a strike of small boat owners.

The President of Gruppo 25Aprile Association in Venice, a partner in the Network of Citizens of Mediterranean Historical Towns, said that the Italian Government will announce a solution by 30 June.

San Giacomo Association expressed its support for its partners in the
Network of Citizens of Mediterranean Historical Towns Venice and Dubrovnik. It also expressed its satisfaction with safety at Corfu Port and the way in which visiting ships are handled and said that it hopes that Corfu Port Authority will continue in the same responsible way which is to the benefit of both residents and our local heritage.

Seven other Citizens' Associations from UNESCO Heritage SItes have signed the statement issued by
Gruppo 25 Aprile, Venice protesting against the dangers to monuments from visiting cruise ships.

"A few years ago a cruise ship from the same company (MSC) which was moored by the Old Town destroyed the pipelines between Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island whilst attempting to avoid an accident in the strong winds. The ship's anchor destroyed telephone lines and electrical and hydraulic conduits causing 30,000 Euros damage to the island per day.

These incidents make it clear that, apart from the environmental impact, these huge cruise ships are a direct threat to our communities.

The cities of Dubrovnik and Venice, which both suffer from the mismanagement of mass tourism, need to take immediate action to safeguard their way of life, their residents, the ecosystem and cultural heritage.

Up to now, not even UNESCO World Heritage has been able to secure the adoption and implementation of a management plan that takes into account the carrying capacity of each location.

As members of the Network of Citizens of Mediterranean Historical Towns, which also includes the UNESCO protected islands of Corfu, Cyprus, Crete and Rhodes, we call on all those responsible to finally take a decision to keep the huge cruise ships at a safe distance from the fragile ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon and the historical centres of Dubrovnik and other towns and islands that have been recognised as World Heritage Sites."


Associazione Progetto Firenze

ex-Artis - Paphos (Cyprus)

Gruppo 25aprile Venezia

Regno di Candia (Crete)

RICHeS- Rhodes International Culture & Heritage Society

San Giacomo Association (Corfu)

Save Cork City, Cork, (Ireland)

Udruga Grad (Dubrovnik)