Enimerosi proposal for TV debate with Regional and Municipal candidates praised but rejected

CORFU. Only the leader of ANASA, Theodoros Galiatsatos, responded positively to the proposal from Enimerosi for a debate ahead of the upcoming 2nd round of the elections.

Μαΐου / 2019

Meropi Ydraiou rejected the proposal as there were only a few days left before voting and the other two candidates Ms. Kratsa and Mr. Trepeklis didn't even respond. Nevertheless, from Thursday morning Enimerosi was prepared for a positive response from the four 'finalists' and had received the immediate approval of Deputy Regional Governor Nikoletta Pandi to use the room in the Regional Building normally used as a Press Centre.

Enimerosi also had the television equipment ready for a direct broadcast and was looking into repeating the successful formula from previous debates of inviting local organisations and bodies who would also be able to put questions to the candidates within the limited time.

Late on Thursday night Yiannis Trepeklis accepted the invitation to participate after commenting negatively on Meropi Ydraiou's refusal.

At the previous local elections in 2014 Enimerosi publisher Georgios Katsaitis had taken part in the only Regional debate at that time on the invitation of the Spyros Kampiotis, publisher of the newspaper Imera, which was organising the debate. This was a positive experience but not one which particularly flattered the state of the Corfu media at the time.