Corfu hoteliers offer support to Cleansing Services

CORFU. They will provide extra personnel for their own waste and money for the repair of Municipal refuse trucks.

Μαΐου / 2019

The Board of Corfu Hoteliers' Association met with Deputy Mayor for Cleansing Spyros Kaloudis and Cleansing Services Director Angeliki Papaioannou to discuss refuse collection and waste management for the tourist season which has already begun.

The Deputy Mayor said that the Municipality was waiting for personnel recruited by ASEP (Public Recruitment Office), that it continuously faced problems with the refuse trucks and wasn't able at this time to repair them and it was still waiting for the results of the international tender for the contracting of refuse collection. The Hoteliers said that the Municipality has had the same problems for the last four years.

The Association offered to assist with the immediate repair of the vehicles through contributions from its members. They stressed that the tourist organisations operating in Corfu are not just concerned but determined to abandon the destination if the same problems that have existed over the last few years continue.

They proposed that, in order to directly help with the situation, Municipal refuse trucks come to the member hotels with only the driver and they will provide personnel to load the refuse. In this way Municipal personnel will be able to concentrate on collecting the rest of the refuse from Corfu roads.