Flavours and music from the time of Capodistrias at Corfu Old Palace

CORFU. 2nd Corfu Food and Wine Festival

Μαΐου / 2019

"Following in the Governor's Footsteps" took visitors back in time with music and tastes in one of the many Corfu Food and Wine Festival events.

The event took place on Friday evening in the gardens of the Old Palace against the background of the Capodistrias family home. Kinopiastes 'Yitonia' (Neighbourhood) Polyphonic Dance Group performed authentic traditional songs with tablas that were recovered by Stefanos Poulimenos following years of research - songs from the Corfu villages at the end of the 18th century.

Corfu Chefs Club and the College of Tourism prepared dishes from Greek recipes at the time of Capodistrias in the towns he lived in. Ammochostos (his mother's home town); Corfu, 1776-1819; Cephalonia, 1800; Aegina, 1828-1829; Nafplion, 1829-1831.