Corfu Mountain Trail - Winners of the 110km and 40km races

CORFU. This high-level sporting event is taking place for the 8th year running with Greek and international athletes.

Μαΐου / 2019

Two of the four races in the Corfu Mountain Trail have been completed - the 110km Ultra and the 40km Rain Trail.

110km Ultra

1. Kevin Dutang - 12:36:44
2. Owen Davies - 13:05:47
3. Jan Bozic - 13:29:13

110km winner Kevin Dutang (Centre)

40km Rain Trail

1. Simonyi Balazs - 04:35:51
2. Spyros Nikolouzos - 04:43:59
3. Frederic Beaumont - 05:02:16

40km winner Simonyi Balazs

The other two races are taking place today - setting off from Messonghi:

- Olive Tree Trail (20km): 10:00
- Quick Trail (10km): 10:00

The races are all organised in collaboration with the Ionian Islands Regional Administration and the Corfu branch of the Hellenic Rescue Team is once again providing support for all the runners and first aid when necessary. Major Sponsor: AKTI MESSONGHI.