Paxos rubbish tip still smouldering

CORFU. Fire engines are still at the scene as they attempt to completely extinguish it covering it with earth.

Ιουνίου / 2018

The area around Paxos rubbish tip is suffocating in smoke from the fire that broke out on Thursday. The 1,000 tons of rubbish that have piled up here over the last year are almost completely burnt, but there is still thick smoke coming from the flammable remains of the waste and in some spots there are still flames.

Together with Paxos Mayor Spyros Vlachopoulos, we visited the rubbish tip, where there still remain Fire Service and Municipal water trucks. The main effort, however, is to cover the rubbish with earth in order to extinguish it completely.

Paxos still hasn't found a solution regarding removal of the waste from the island as the overfull Temploni landfill is unable to take any more waste. The Regional Plan for Waste Management precludes the shipping of waste to the mainland, so Paxos, along with Corfu, are at an impasse.

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