Tastes and literature come together on the second day of the Corfu Food & Wine Festival

CORFU. Thursday - the second day of the Food & Wine Festival - started off with an exhibition of culinary skills.

Μαΐου / 2018

On Thursday students at the College of Tourism attended a Master Class from the Russian chef Rashid Rakhmanov.

Other events on the second day included Street Food@Starenio, Tsipouro@Pergola, Discover Corfu@Pomo d’ Oro, Corfu Beer Flavours@ Markas and Classical Dinner at Rex.

There followed Wine & Poetry Evening at the Plus Cafe Bookshop. Yiorgos Kentrotis, Professor of the Ionian University, reads a selection of poems from ancient Greek literature about wine and well-being in Modern Greek and English translation, directed by Petros Gallias.

Chefs from the Corfu Chefs Club prepared dishes inspired by Ancient Greek poetry which they offered accompanied by Corfu wine.

The evening ended with A geography of tastes at Akamatra.