Ionian University welcomes award-winning filmmaker Steven Bernstein

CORFU. The visit of the award-winning filmmaker Steven Bernstein to Corfu began with an open seminar at the Ionian Academy on Thursday 3rd May.

Μαΐου / 2018

The visit was organized by the University’s Department of AudioVisual Arts and gave the department’s students the opportunity to gain valuable insights in their field of study from this distinguished artistic creator.

Bernstein talked about his career so far and his experiences from different projects. He also stressed the importance of the anarchy and chaos that every creator should have inside his head whilst an idea is developing. He believes that planning at this stage limits creativity and alternative perspectives in working on a subject.

Steven Bernstein is the founder of Cinema School in Syros, where he is going to organize free seminars to the students this autumn, which will be given by well-known names from Hollywood. Details about these seminars will be soon be made available. However, he is also seeking to collaborate with Corfu and the Ionian University as he considers the work they are doing to be innovative and pioneering.

Finally, Bernstein said that his aim is not just to bring US productions to Greece, but also to give Greek filmmakers the opportunity to learn how to work on productions at that level.

His programme includes meetings with the Rector and Department staff as well as a meeting on Friday 4th May at 13:00 in the Department of History Amphitheatre with students from the Department of Music and Audiovisual Arts as well as the broader university community.