Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis to visit Corfu Prison

CORFU. Corfu Syriza MP Costas Pavlidis has confirmed that the Greek Minister of Justice Stavros Kontonis will visit Corfu in the near future.

Οκτωβρίου / 2017

The purpose of his visit is to attend the scheduled event at which a marble plaque will be unveiled in commemoration of all the political prisoners of the Left who were tortured and incarcerated in the prison in the past. The Minister gave the go-ahead for the creation of a memorial to honour these prisoners on his visit to Corfu Prison in March 2017. 
The Minister has also announced the creation of a ‘Second Chance’ School in the prison for the rehabilitation of the prisoners.
Corfu MP Costas Pavlidis at Justice Department Meeting
Corfu MP Costas Pavlidis met with the Secretary-General for Anti-Corruption Policy Mr. Fitrakis at the Ministry of Justice on October 3. The subject under discussion was the recognition of the Corfu Rehabilitation Centre as an official part of the National Health System (ESY). The Centre has already been included in the new Statutes of Corfu General Hospital.
They discussed how this Centre could be supported as well as the Crisis Centre at Corfu Prison. The Secretary-General also announced that over the next year 15 new jobs will be created at the prison. The upcoming visit of the Minister of Justice to Corfu Prison for the unveiling of the plaque in memory of the political prisoners and the creation of the Second Chance School was also discussed at the meeting.