Sunday 25.02.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


22 Jul 2023 / 12:32
Open Disco Party in Lower Square

CORFU. Monday, 24 July at 21:00 in Lower Square.

28 Mar 2018 / 08:27
Discount card for members of Federation of Entrepreneurs of Corfu Tourism Enterprises

CORFU. Significant discounts on services and products from local businesses.

08 Feb 2018 / 07:06
Tsiknopempti Live: "Disco without ΄tsikna΄ (smelly smoke)"

CORFU. Musical performance: ΄Disco without tsikna΄. Enjoy Tsiknopempti (Fat Thursday) here!

02 Jan 2018 / 10:14
When do the Winter Sales begin?

CORFU. Consumers are now waiting for the Winter Sales, in the hope that the discounts are good enough for them to make the purchases they want.

24 Nov 2017 / 14:51
Black Friday: Corfu Town busy with shoppers

CORFU. The streets of Corfu Town were much busier today as people came out to ‘celebrate’ Black Friday.

17 Nov 2017 / 14:22
Corfu Traders Association: Let’s not leave Black Friday just to the multi-nationals

CORFU. In an announcement to Corfu shopkeepers, the Corfu Traders Association said that, in its first year, Black Friday discounts had contributed to the turnover of participating businesses.

10 Nov 2017 / 10:06
Black Friday in Corfu on 24 November

For the second year running, the business practice that has been successfully adopted in several countries will make its appearance in Greece.