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Students demonstrating against private universities again today

22 Feb 2024 / 11:23

CORFU. Resolutions from six Ionian University faculties express their complete opposition to the establishment and operation of non-state universities.

Once again, Ionian University Student Unions are organising a demonstration today against the bill for the establishment of private universities, which is soon expected to be submitted to Parliament for a vote.

The demonstration is scheduled to set off at 12 noon from the square in front of the former Psychiatric Clinic, and there will be a march through the town centre with the main demand being the complete withdrawal of the controversial bill and the defence of free and public education.

The protest is supported by Corfu Workers Centre and the Teachers' Union (ΕΛΜΕ), who are both standing alongside the students.


Sit-ins continue

Meanwhile, sit-ins are continuing in six out of the seven University Departments. A new round of general assemblies has begun this week in the Student Unions to decide whether to continue the sit-ins, despite the start of the spring semester on Monday, February 19.

Already, the 'green light' for the continuation of the sit-in until Tuesday, February 27, was given at the general assembly on Tuesday afternoon (20/02) by the Student Union of the Department of Music Studies, with 91 votes in favour and 20 against. The Student Union of the History Department also decided to continue the sit-in until Wednesday, February 28. The sit-in will also continue at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, as decided by the general student assembly with 73 votes in favour, 47 against, and 14 "present."

There have also been reactions from the academic community at the University regarding the contentious bill. Through their resolutions, the assemblies of the Departments express their complete opposition to the establishment and operation of non-state universities, stressing that they will negatively impact the functioning of regional public universities. They demand its withdrawal and practical support for public tertiary education at all levels.

These assemblies were held in the Departments of History, Translation, Music Studies, Tourism, AudioVisual Arts, and Archival and Library Sciences. Furthermore, the Ionian University Senate unanimously expressed objections both to the constitutionality of the proposed amendment regarding the operation of non-profit branches of foreign universities and to the expediency of changing the dimensions of higher education in the country, requesting, at the very least, substantial dialogue with the Ministry regarding the content of the bill.

1,356 academics warn that they will take legal action

Meanwhile, 1,356 academics nationwide, including professors from the Ionian University, signed a joint statement in which they warn about the unconstitutionality of the bill for private universities and declare that as public servants they will resort to all legal actions, including the Council of State, if the legislation passes.



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