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Scientific and educational collaboration between Ionian University and Corfu Hospital

Ionian University
12 Jan 2024 / 12:38

CORFU. The collaboration between the two entities, which have successfully cooperated in the past, is being extended.

On January 3, the Dean of the Ionian University, Professor Andreas Floros, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Director of Corfu General Hospital, Manto Egglezopoulou, in the presence of the 6th Health Region Director, Ioannis Karvelis.

The memorandum extends the collaboration between the two entities, which have already successfully worked together in simultaneous interpretation services for foreign visitors to the hospital during the summer of 2023 and in the field of blood donation. The goal of this collaboration is to establish a closer connection and create a framework for scientific, educational, and research cooperation to shape common actions and interests of both entities.

The memorandum of cooperation outlines the implementation of activities in the field of intercultural communication, as well as the organisation of relevant training and development programmes for hospital staff. In the context of digital transition, actions are also planned for the organisation and digitisation of archives, strengthening information infrastructure, including cybersecurity, and sustainable development with a focus on energy and natural resource conservation, food quality assurance, and prevention of foodborne infections.


It also includes the field of promoting and communicating the hospital's work through modern digital and networked means, the co-organisation of scientific events, specialised training and development of the hospital staff through programmes of the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Centre of the Ionian University, and joint participation in the pursuit of national and European programmes. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that through this expanded collaboration, the hospital can serve as a "pillar" for studies and research of the Ionian University. Finally, the collaboration also involves the simultaneous establishment of the museum of the country's first psychiatric hospital.

With the completion of the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, the Dean of the Ionian University, Professor Andreas Floros, stated: "Today's signing reaffirms the already successful collaboration that the Ionian University has with Corfu General Hospital in the field of interpretation services for foreign visitors during the summer period and the organisation of blood donation by members of the academic community. At the same time, it significantly expands it to multiple areas of common interest, benefiting both entities. The establishment of this collaboration was complex, requiring special efforts from both sides to ensure that the final framework of cooperation is substantial, achievable, and truly beneficial. I warmly thank the Director of the Hospital, Dr. Manto Egglezopoulou, for her continuous understanding and support towards the Ionian University, which created the conditions for defining significant cooperation. And of course, we are particularly pleased that today's signing is honoured by the presence of the 6th Health Region Director, Mr. Ioannis Karvelis, whom I sincerely thank for the constructive discussion we had today. This discussion opens up new prospects for our institution in the field of mental health services."

In turn, the Director of the General Hospital, Dr. Manto Egglezopoulou, stated, "It is yet another significant day for Corfu Hospital and the National Health System. It marks the cherished collaboration between the Hospital and the Ionian University. It is a collaboration of Health and Education, two valuable assets for society. From our formal meeting about 10 months ago, when I assumed my duties, we started discussing with the Dean about a collaboration between Health and Education. As the Dean mentioned, it began with the blood donation drive following the tragic incident in Tempi, later the establishment of the Association of Student Volunteer Blood Donors, and interpretation services, a service that a hospital in an iconic tourist destination must provide. Indeed, the administration has focused on improving the quality and safety of healthcare services, with particular emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies. The Director of the 6th Health Region is always by the side of the Hospital, and today, with great pleasure, he agreed to be here with us not just formally but substantially for the modernisation of the Healthcare System. Finally, I would like to say that this is our mission, and I thank the Dean for turning the vision into action for society! What we received from society, we are obligated to give back to society."

Finally, the Director of the 6th Health Region, Mr. Ioannis Karvelis, stated:

"The 6th Health Region maintains continuous external orientation and collaboration with institutional bodies to achieve policies that aim to optimise healthcare services, always targeting the best care for all our fellow citizens, whether at the level of public health or in our nursing units.

Consequently, the union of our forces with the country's academic institutions, which have the scientific capability to contribute to the implementation of education programmes carried out by the 6th Health Region, is a given. We are supportive of the collaboration that the Ionian University is developing with Corfu General Hospital, and we commit to the future development of additional educational applications."


Photo: (from left to right): The Dean of the Ionian University, Professor Andreas Floros; Hospital Director, Manto Egglezopoulou, and the 6th Health Region Director, Ioannis Karvelis.