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Health workers protest outside Corfu Hospital

Corfu Hospital
30 Nov 2023 / 21:38

CORFU. They demand increases, personnel recruitment, all contract workers to be made permanent and an increase in state funding for the public health system.

Corfu doctors are participating in the 48-hour strike of the Hellenic Federation of Hospital Doctors (OENGE) since yesterday, while the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN) held a work stoppage today.

The Corfu Public Hospital Doctors' Union (EGESYK) also participated, along with the Single Union of Corfu Hospital Employees and the Corfu Hospital Psychiatric Department Employees' Union.


Low turnout

As the President of the Corfu Hospital Employees Union Dina Ioannou stressed, the turnout at the work stoppage was expected to be low, since the workers do not have the opportunity to leave their shifts. "Daily schedules are covered by security personnel and as a result we cannot strike. We fought, but it is not only a matter of our sector. Free public health is a good that concerns everyone, all citizens. But the issues of public health concern the whole society, every single citizen who needs medical care," said Dina Ioannou.

Health workers protested at the hospital entrance this afternoon, while ADEDY (Civil Servants' Union), the Workers' Centre, OGE (Hellenic Women's Federation), SYRIZA, PASOK KINAL and KKE parties, the Union of IKA Pensioners and the Garitsa Cultural Association.

The hospital doctors, apart from increases and personnel recruitment, are also demanding that all contract workers be made permanent without terms and conditions, independent taxation of shifts, tax-free additional shifts and an increase in state funding for the public health system. Finally, they stressed the need to ensure that no department, no clinic, no hospital is merged and closed.


Mental health

At the same time, the Corfu Hospital Psychiatric Department Employees' Union demands the withdrawal of the government's bill on mental health, as the psychiatric sectors of the hospitals and the psychiatric hospitals will lose their current legal form and will be administratively transferred to the Health Regions. This administrative reform will deregulate and downgrade the mental health services provided by the General Hospitals to date, the Union pointed out.