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Donation of modern Blood Donation Unit to Corfu Hospital

Corfu Hospital
16 Oct 2023 / 14:34

CORFU. The previous hospital director, Leonidas Roubatis, announced that the effort he had initiated during his tenure has been successfully implemented.

The brand-new Mobile Blood Donation Unit, equipped with the latest technology, has arrived in Greece for Corfu General Hospital. The unit has fixed beds for blood donors, televisions, air conditioning and a desk for doctors and nurses. There is equipment for people with disabilities and a mechanism to stabilise the vehicle during blood collections.

The former Hospital Director, Leonidas Roubatis, posted the following on social media: "I am very happy and at the same time proud that I was able to turn this idea into reality. Of course, I couldn't have done anything without the contribution of the remarkable donor, Mrs. Agathou.

This family deserves many, many congratulations. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for listening to me, trusting me and realising this idea. The mobile unit will be the most modern in our country and will be a real gem for Corfu."

In his post, the former Director also adds that the implementation of two more significant donations is still pending: a maternity ward, which will be established for the first time, and an oncology department.