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Upper Square filled with hundreds of dancing children!

09 Jun 2023 / 14:10

CORFU. Pupils from 12 Corfu primary schools enjoyed a morning of dance in the Upper Square.

The Upper Square was full of laughing, dancing children this morning! 300 pupils from 12 Corfu primary schools took part in the Folk Dance Festival organised by the Corfu School Sports Activities Organising Committee (OESDAK).

The event, which started at 9 in the morning and went on until 12, created a joyful atmosphere in the heart of the old town, attracting the attention of all the passersby. Within a three-hour timeframe, modern and traditional dances were performed, with each school choosing their own preferences.

The following schools participated in the Folk Dance Festival of Primary Schools: 1st-4th Athinagoreio, 6th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 14th, Mantouki, Afras, Ag. Ioannis, Gastouri and 1st Lefkimmi.

The event is part of the OESDAK Sports Education programme, coordinated by Spyros Issaris, the physical education coordinator of Corfu Primary Education Department.

As part of the programme, which concluded with today's Folk Dance Festival of Primary Schools, various activities focused on sports took place throughout the school year.