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Young Corfu horse rider Annie Vatidi wins Silver in the Balkan Endurance Championships

06 Oct 2019 / 11:38

KILKIS. Annie Mayo-Vatidi won a silver medal to add to her growing collection.

The Balkan Equestrian Endurance Championships took place in Greece for the first in Kilkis. The Greek team, including Annie Vatidi from Corfu, won silver in the 90km event.

The Hellenic Equestrian Federation organised the Balkan Endurance Championships which had three events - the CH-Balkan-E 90 over 90km, CEI1* over 90km and CEI2* over 120km. The Championships were organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Kilkis and the only equestrian club in the region, the Kilkis Equestrian Club under the auspices of the European Equestrian Federation.

Along with the Greek team, another 16 riders took part from Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey.

The Greek team took part in individual and team events and comprised Dimitra Mitona on Jamelia, Annie Vatidi on Morfey, Christos Konstantinos on Soraya, Pantelis Salonikios on Six Degrees, Christina Touli on Omar, Victoria Schina on Koheilan XIII 16 Salomon P and Irene Mitona on Aphroditi.