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Memorandum of Cooperation to promote Mediterranean cuisine and education

Food & Wine Festival
11 May 2019 / 07:07

CORFU. "Feel the Mediterranean, protect it and showcase the feelings"

Corfu Municipality, Corfu College of Tourism, ITS Albatros School from Messina, Sicily and the Marco Polo System (whose initiative the Memorandum is) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to promote the cuisine and the education of young people in the European Mediterranean region.

The meeting took place at the Old Town Hall during the 2nd Corfu Food and Wine Festival.

Vassilis Kavadias, Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Fabrizio Scaramuzza, President of Non Solo Cibus Association from Messina were present. Also present were the President of Tarn (South France) Chamber of Commerce and La Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat Jean-Louis Hormièreμε, who is preparing to sign the Memorandum.

The Memorandum was signed by Kostas Nikolouzos, Mayor of Corfu, Dimitris Bakiras, Director of the College of Tourism, Paolo Vitto, Director of ITS Albatros and Alberto Cotrona, Marco Polo System project manager.

The Memorandum declares the common will of the signatories to cooperate towards achieving the following goals:

- Design and implement initiatives of mutual exchanges between representatives from the field of production, local authorities and the field of education (teachers and students).
- Participate and invite one another to events promoting local products and resources in order to promote intenationalisation and encourage movement especially amongst the young and students in general.
- Promote dialogue, exchange and cooperation between companies in the regions and the promotion of companies in their own regions.
- Create their own structures (vocational institutes, foundations) or within the organisations to which they belong (Regional, Municipal, Town, Ministerial) or with bodies which they can easily collaborate with (Chambers of Commerce, tourist companies) in order to facilitate common activities to sustain the Mediterranean Cuisine either through common or independent initiatives.
- Participate in international initiatives by submitting proposals to European programmes and/or becoming affiliated with existing projects which are judged to be helpful to the promotion and support of the aims.