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Resignation of Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Education

Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Education
19 Oct 2017 / 09:30

CORFU.The Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Education, Vasillis Kavadias, has submitted his letter of resignation to the mayor, Kostas Nikolouzos.

He submitted his resignation letter in mid-September, citing personal reasons and at the same time thanking the mayor for the trust he had shown in him and for his excellent cooperation.
As yet the resignation has not been accepted by the mayor as the matter of a successor has not been settled and there are still other positions that are vacant due to resignations – the President of the Interim Management Authority for the Leader Programme, the political representative for Integrated Land Investment, Corfu and the Vice-President of the Corfu Business Park Company. It is still not known if the ‘Ulysses’ project will be ‘shipwrecked’ – an ambitious project for the promotion of Corfu as a tourist destination which Mr. Kavvadias had undertaken with the full support of business representatives.
The mayor has already informed the council of the letter of resignation.  Kavadias has not indicated that he wants to become an independent member and unless something extraordinary happens, will remain a councillor with the majority party.