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16 Aug 2022 / 16:06
Three men arrested for theft of money and jewellery from South Corfu house

CORFU. Three men broke into a South Corfu house and stole €70,000 and jewellery.

09 Aug 2022 / 14:03
Thefts and burglaries on the increase in North Corfu

CORFU. Houses are being broken into in broad daylight in the search for money and valuables.

18 Jul 2022 / 13:54
Two arrested in Kavos for robbing Corfu Town taverna

CORFU. They broke into a taverna and stole drinks worth €300.

15 Jul 2022 / 14:47
Two women arrested for robbing tourist΄s room in Kavos

CORFU. They broke in through a window and stole cards, personal items and clothes.

11 Jul 2022 / 13:46
Three arrested for theft in Kavos

CORFU. The perpetrators stole a wallet and other personal belongings.

21 Jun 2022 / 13:40
Man arrested for stealing mobile devices and money from tourists in Kavos

CORFU. He was found and arrested on the same day.

25 May 2022 / 17:58
Car stolen and sold to car yard

CORFU. Charges of theft and acquisition of stolen property have been brought against three people.

19 May 2022 / 11:42
Three arrested for theft of electrical equipment worth €1,000

CORFU. The three were caught by police as they removed electrical equipment from an outdoor storage area in Central Corfu.

06 May 2022 / 12:20
Woman arrested for theft of mobile phone in Lefkimmi

CORFU. The phone was found in her possession and returned to the owner.

29 Apr 2022 / 11:20
Man arrested for theft of three motorcycles

CORFU. All the motorcycles were found and returned to their owners.

21 Apr 2022 / 11:50
Three shoplifters arrested for stealing clothes

CORFU. The stolen goods were recovered and returned to the shops.

14 Apr 2022 / 12:05
Man charged with theft of copper cables

CORFU. Copper cables, copper pipes and other materials with a total value of €1,000 were stolen.

11 Apr 2022 / 10:48
Two women arrested for theft

CORFU. Charges of theft have been brought against the women.

28 Mar 2022 / 13:43
Two charged with storeroom theft

CORFU. Goods worth €22k were stolen.

22 Feb 2022 / 13:44
Two arrested for setting fire to motorbike in Platytera - one was a minor

CORFU. The two arrested were taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

08 Jan 2022 / 12:39
Corfu victim of phishing lost all the money in her bank account

CORFU. A woman who was a victim of phishing lost all the money in her account. Police have now identified the perpetrator, who is a foreign national.

05 Jan 2022 / 12:25
Two arrested for attempted theft of plumbing installation

CORFU. Two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon for attempted theft.

13 Dec 2021 / 12:22
Man arrested for theft from Liapades catering establishment

CORFU. The man was arrested on the same day but his accomplice is still being sought.