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15 Sep 2023 / 13:04
High demand from foreign nationals for luxury properties in Corfu

CORFU. They are paying large amounts in order to acquire the land or villa of their dreams. Significantly reduced interest from middle-class clients for properties up to €200,000.

23 Jun 2023 / 12:44
Long-term accommodation in Corfu expensive and difficult to find

CORFU. Corfu Town and other areas caught up in the Airbnb ΄mania΄. Estate agents have priority lists. Foreign investors buying up property in Corfu.

10 May 2023 / 22:23
Product authenticity label in Corfu shops

CORFU. Cooperation between the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) and the Central Corfu Municipal Authority.

02 Feb 2022 / 19:58
Greek PM announces reduction of ENFIA by 13%

8 out of 10 of our fellow citizens will pay even less ENFIA (property tax) – Properties worth up to €100,000, instead of €60,000 that was valid until now, will have a 30% reduction.

17 Jul 2020 / 10:29
Europeans looking to buy homes in Greece - considered to be a safe country

BERLIN. British demand alone has increased by 200%! - 50% increase in German investments- Interest in Greek real estate from Austria, Switzerland and France.

10 Feb 2020 / 13:49
Property behind Olive Institute given to Municipality

CORFU. Minister for Agricultural Development & Food Makis Voridis met with Mayor Meropi Ydraiou today and signed the transaction. The property will be used for Corfu 14th Primary and Nursery School.

27 Jan 2020 / 09:13
Corfu property rental prices up by 19% in 2019

CORFU. In 2019 the whole of Greece saw increases in property sales prices (8%) and rental prices (10%).

21 Mar 2018 / 13:36
Sale of former Club Med land to Savvidis falls through

CORFU. The owner issued an official denial whilst unofficially trying to keep things low profile. A lot is being said but not written down and there is plenty going on behind the scenes.