Monday 25.09.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

art exhibition

07 Sep 2023 / 13:50
Christina Adam art exhibition at the Municipal Gallery

CORFU. The exhibition opens at 19:30 on Wednesday, 13 September in the ΄Thanos Christou΄ room at the gallery and will continue until 8 October.

28 Jun 2023 / 14:52
΄Prussian Blue΄: Exhibition by Natasa Maneta at the Municipal Art Gallery

CORFU. Opening on Wednesday 5 July at 20:00 in the Art Hall (People΄s Garden).

01 Feb 2023 / 12:17
Exhibition opening: "Independent Brigade. 1922: Bridge of Hope and Salvation"

CORFU. The art exhibition is being held at the Corfu Art Gallery.

22 Aug 2022 / 13:53
Christina Kapetaniou΄s exhibition "Humane" opened at Anemomylos on Saturday

CORFU. An evening full of colour and music!

04 Aug 2022 / 12:18
Opening of Aria Komianou art exhibition

CORFU. Corfu Art Gallery director Mihail Aggelos Vradis, artist Pinelopi Volterra and graphic artist and publisher Elvira Metallinou all spoke about the artist.

27 Jun 2022 / 13:00
Opening of "Vasso Katraki - Life & History" exhibition

CORFU. The artist΄s daughter Marianna Katraki was in Corfu for the opening with her family.

08 Jun 2022 / 12:59
Jutta Depis art exhibition "Colours ΙΙ" in Municipal Theatre foyer

CORFU. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 14 June.

26 May 2022 / 14:49
Theresa Nicholas exhibition opening at Corfu Art Gallery

CORFU. Her love of the island and its people can be seen in her work and she has captured images of island architecture which has since disappeared.

10 Apr 2022 / 12:55
Opening of Giorgos Rorris art exhibition "Woman"

CORFU. With thirty works from the Sotiris Felios Collection and two from the artist΄s personal collection, on display for the first time, the female form is presented in a variety of ages, poses and moments.

03 Sep 2021 / 15:56
Takis Metallinos exhibition "Corfu By Night" at Municipal Art Gallery

CORFU. The exhibition opens on Friday, 10 September at 20:00 in the Colonnade section of the Municipal Art Gallery and will continue until 24 October.

29 Jul 2021 / 12:09
“1821/2021 Contemporary Greek Art” exhibition at Latin Chapel

CORFU. Opening on Tuesday, 3 August at 20:00, at the Latin Chapel in the Old Fortress.

25 Jun 2021 / 13:04
The Attic Bazaart: Impressive bazaar of original miniature art

CORFU. Opening on Thursday 1 July. Monday-Friday, 6-10pm. Closed at weekends.

17 Jul 2020 / 11:01
Exhibition: Colour in the water IV - The rudderless ship

CORFU. Dr Sasha Chaitow and Art Curator Paris Kapralos present the 4th event in the exhibition series ‘Colour in the Water΄.

17 Jul 2020 / 11:02
Art exhibition at Anemomylos

CORFU. 15 - 30 July at Anemomylos.

19 Feb 2020 / 00:00
Panayiotis Mavropoulos art exhibition at Corfu Art Gallery

CORFU. The ΄Unexpected and Surprising Works of Art΄ exhibition opens on Wednesday 19 February at 19:00.

12 Feb 2020 / 00:00
Art Exhibition:"The artist Aglaia Pappa - Corfiot and European"

CORFU. Corfu DIPETHE (Municipal & Regional Theatre Company) and the Municipal Art Gallery are organising an exhibition "The artist Aglaia Pappa - Corfiot and European".

21 Jan 2020 / 00:00
Art exhibition: ΄Stained Glass΄ by Spyros Alamanos at Corfu Art Gallery

CORFU. Corfu Art Gallery΄s first exhibition of 2020.

09 Jan 2020 / 00:00
Corfu΄s Museums:Exhibition in Municipal Theatre foyer

CORFU. Opening of the ΄Corfu΄s Museums΄ exhibition with 32 works by 24 artists from the Union of Corfu Artists.