Saturday 02.12.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

North Corfu

01 Dec 2023 / 11:31
Man, 25, arrested for theft of cash and jewellery in North Corfu

CORFU. At least three accomplices are being sought.

29 Nov 2023 / 15:38
"Colourful Christmas Village" in North Corfu Municipality again this year

CORFU. For the second year in a row - Sunday 17 December to Saturday 30 December.

22 Nov 2023 / 14:55
Plastic bottle tops ΄converted΄ into a wheelchair in North Corfu

CORFU. In return, the Corfu Regional Special Needs Association provided a wheelchair for the 2nd Special School in Velonades.

22 Nov 2023 / 13:14
Composters and healthy eating at Kavadades Nursery, Sfakera Childcare Centre and 2nd Special School

CORFU. The installation of composters in North Corfu school facilities is being carried out in collaboration with the Deputy Mayor for Circular Economy, Spyridoula Kokkali, the Regional Director of Education, Petros Aggelopoulos, Corfu Primary and Secondary Education Directorate, and, of course, with the school heads.

11 Nov 2023 / 14:59
Man killed by falling tree in North Corfu

CORFU. The man was carrying out pruning work.

07 Nov 2023 / 10:05
North Corfu Mayor: "DEYAK has confirmed that the provocative contracts are being withdrawn."

CORFU. "The North Corfu Municipality protest at the DIADIEYADK central offices had a successful outcome."

06 Nov 2023 / 12:28
Symbolic ΄occupation΄ of DEYAK offices by Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris

CORFU. Giorgos Mahimaris: "We΄ve been fighting for four whole years for the obvious - to establish our own Municipal Water and Sewerage Company."

03 Nov 2023 / 12:25
Furious North Corfu parents confront Deputy Regional Governor

CORFU. They stormed into the meeting of the Civil Protection Coordinating Body, calling for their demands to be met.

02 Nov 2023 / 14:38
North Corfu Municipality gives 1.5 tons of plastic bottle tops to Special Needs Association

CORFU. The bottle tops all came from the 201 recycling collection points in North Corfu.

02 Nov 2023 / 11:14
Meeting at North Corfu Town Hall to discuss problems in education

CORFU. The main focus of the discussion was on school transportation and infrastructure.

24 Oct 2023 / 16:06
North Corfu road and water supply works progressing

CORFU. North Corfu Municipality is continuing at pace with projects of vital importance for its local districts.

17 Oct 2023 / 11:54
Sit-in at Kassiopi Junior High and High School in protest at lack of school transport

CORFU. Several school bus routes in North Corfu have still not been contracted out.

13 Oct 2023 / 19:52
Roadworks continue in North Corfu

CORFU. Work is underway in Magoulades, Akrotiri and Agno Karousades to upgrade the road network.

13 Oct 2023 / 18:43
North Corfu Municipality gives basic necessities collected for flood victims to Corfu Red Cross

CORFU. The North Corfu Municipal Authority would like to thank the citizens for their generous contribution.

11 Oct 2023 / 22:19
North Corfu Parents & Guardians Association: "We demand immediate action for the obvious"

CORFU. "We are asking for the umpteenth time since the beginning of the school year to speed up the procedures so that all routes are immediately restored and no child is deprived of school, not even one more day."

09 Oct 2023 / 10:55
Giorgos Mahimaris re-elected North Corfu Mayor with 50.42% of vote

CORFU. Giorgos Mahimaris΄ party won 15 seats on the Municipal Council.

29 Sep 2023 / 11:27
Feelings run high at pre-election meeting in Kavadades

CORFU. The speech of mayoral candidate Varelis took place at the same time as the speech of the incumbent mayor Mahimaris.

27 Sep 2023 / 20:21
EODY team meets with North Corfu Mayor

CORFU. To discuss prevention and response measures following the latest case of leptospirosis.