Monday 25.09.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Corfu Hospital

15 Sep 2023 / 11:33
Regional Governor leaves hospital today in good health

CORFU. Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa is scheduled to visit Cephalonia today.

08 Sep 2023 / 10:55
Work stoppages at Corfu Hospital due to 30 cleaners losing their jobs

CORFU. Government decides to return to system of outsourcing work to contractors.

05 Sep 2023 / 13:19
Man who killed other patient being taken to Korydallos Prison Psychiatric Unit

CORFU. The 45-year-old is being transferred today.

05 Sep 2023 / 10:40
Property owned by hospital to help relieve staff accommodation problem

CORFU. The accommodation will be an important incentive to attract personnel to help solve the understaffing problem.

04 Sep 2023 / 11:35
Another doctor resigns in Corfu Hospital Pathology Department

CORFU. There now remain only two permanent doctors in the department.

01 Sep 2023 / 13:22
Murder weapon in last night΄s killing at Psychiatric Clinic was simple plastic pen

CORFU. The perpetrator was obsessed with the belief that they wanted to cast a "spell" on him.

19 Aug 2023 / 15:31
Patient attacks Corfu Hospital personnel

CORFU. The hospital administration will take all legal actions.

13 Aug 2023 / 12:29
Only child psychiatrist at Corfu Hospital resigns

CORFU. "In my opinion, child psychiatry services in the public sector are irreplaceable, but in order to function effectively for the maority of the population, they require a multidisciplinary team."

26 Jul 2023 / 12:37
Psychological support from Corfu Hospital Crisis Management Unit

CORFU. The support is being offered to residents who have been affected by the fires in North Corfu and to anyone involved in the firefighting operation.

10 Jul 2023 / 11:52
Tourists injured during water sports

CORFU. They suffered minor injuries and were taken to Corfu Hospital.

05 Jul 2023 / 19:40
Resignation of only nephrologist left at Corfu Hospital

CORFU. The Artificial Kidney Unit will now continue to operate with transfers from the hospitals in Filiates and Ioannina.

22 Jun 2023 / 19:11
Another violent incident against Corfu Hospital doctor

CORFU. "The Corfu Medical Association will take the necessary actions to defend its members".

21 Jun 2023 / 09:35
Man, 83, falls to his death from NAOK wall

CORFU. He was taken to hospital but was already dead before he got there.

15 Jun 2023 / 11:48
Pedestrian in ICU after being hit by car

CORFU. The accident happened on Wednesday night near the Polykliniki.

15 Jun 2023 / 09:58
Motorcyclist, 18, seriously injured in Roda road accident

CORFU. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital.

12 Jun 2023 / 13:56
Two injured in road accident near airport

CORFU. The injured man and woman were taken to hospital.

06 Jun 2023 / 13:48
Woman, 54, passes away in Corfu Hospital ICU

CORFU. Doctors responded immediately to the case but after a few days, complications developed.

26 May 2023 / 13:26
Another motorcyclist injured in road accident at Platytera

CORFU. An 18-year-old motorcyclist was injured and taken to hospital.