Wednesday 29.11.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Agia Ekaterini

15 Sep 2023 / 11:36
Reopening of Agia Ekaterini Church

CORFU. The historical church and the adjacent building complex have been completely reconstructed and have become fully functional.

07 Jul 2023 / 13:19
Outdoor performances to be held at Agia Ekaterini this summer

CORFU. The area belonging to the municipality is being prepared to hold performances, with the first being ΄Electra΄ by Sophocles on 28 July.

19 Dec 2022 / 13:02
Road accident at Agia Ekaterini traffic lights

CORFU. A woman was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

15 Nov 2021 / 21:16
Agia Ekaterini church is unrecognisable!

CORFU. The contractor assured the Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Mayor, who inspected the project today, that the restoration and elevation of Agia Ekaterini church in Corfu Old Town will be fully completed by the end of the year.

10 Mar 2020 / 10:23
Bushes on Agia Ekaterini traffic island cut to allow visibility

CORFU. A crew from the Ionian Islands Regional Administration cut down bushes on the traffic island at Agia Ekaterini today.

29 Nov 2019 / 14:35
Death of Corfu man in Alykes was suicide

CORFU. Just as with the 46-year-old woman in the same area on 8 November today΄s death was a suicide.

29 Nov 2019 / 13:59
Corfu man found dead in car in Agia Ekaterini

CORFU. This is the second case in a very short period of time in which someone has been found dead in the area near the Agia Ekaterini public beach.

09 Nov 2019 / 09:02
No crime involved in death of woman in Agia Ekaterini

CORFU. The dead woman, whose disappearance had been reported on Friday morning, was found by a police patrol car.

08 Nov 2019 / 16:14
Woman found dead in car in Agia Ekaterini

CORFU. A woman has been found dead in a car near the Agia Ekaterini public beach in Alykes Potamos.

21 Jan 2019 / 13:44
At last! Work being done on the traffic lights at Agia Ekaterini, Alykes

CORFU. After a month it seems that the traffic lights will be operational again.