Thursday 30.11.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


27 Nov 2023 / 15:06
Corfu ΄Petegoletsa΄ a candidate for Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory

ATHENS. It was presented by the Corfu Events Organisation (OKE) at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Network meeting, along with the ΄Saint΄s Loukoumades΄ and the Patouni Soap Factory.

24 Nov 2023 / 13:51
Thank-you letter from the Corfu Greek-Serbian Friendship Association

CORFU. The letter was sent to the Associations that participated in the autumn events organised in collaboration with the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate.

20 Nov 2023 / 11:15
Cyanotype exhibition by Kontokali school pupils

CORFU. From 21 November until 5 December at Plus bookshop.

20 Nov 2023 / 11:32
First solo exhibition in China for Corfu artist Spyros Gelekas

CORFU. His journeys to Asia began in 2018 with participation in group exhibitions alongside famous artists.

20 Nov 2023 / 11:18
Acharavi Mixed Choir in Limassol, Cyprus

CORFU. The concert featured works by Mikis Theodorakis with the poetry of Giorgos Seferis and Angelos Sikelianos, accompanied by the Aris Limassol orchestra, as well as songs of various content and origin.

27 Oct 2023 / 11:38
Anniversary concert "Aroma of Smyrna"

CORFU. Sunday 29 October at 20:00 at the Municipal Theatre.

25 Oct 2023 / 15:45
΄Metallon΄ Brass and Percussion Ensemble at the Municipal Theatre

CORFU. Saturday 28 October at 20:00.

11 Oct 2023 / 12:44
Panayiota Kapela and Maria Kriga art exhibition at Municipal Art Gallery

CORFU. "(Οur) Universe is Not Locally Real" 13 October - 13 November.

06 Oct 2023 / 12:24
Third casting call for film ΄Capodistrias΄ directed by Yiannis Smaragdis

CORFU. Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October at the Municipal Theatre.

28 Sep 2023 / 15:45
Concert with Ionian Islands music

At the Municipal Theatre on Saturday, 30 September at 20:00.

21 Sep 2023 / 16:06
San Giacomo Cultural Association event "Tourism, Carrying Capacity and Local Communities"

CORFU. Wednesday 27/9 at 18:00 at the Ionian University History Department Amphitheatre, Ioannou Theotoki 72.

21 Sep 2023 / 15:00
Free admission to museums and archaeological sites 23-24 September

CORFU. On the occasion of European Heritage Days.

20 Sep 2023 / 12:29
European Heritage Days at Capodistrias Museum

CORFU. 23-24 September, 10:00-16:00

13 Sep 2023 / 12:32
΄Viva Giorgo!΄: tribute to Giorgos Katsaros with the ΄Old΄ Philharmonic at the Old Fortress

CORFU. Saturday, 16 September at 20:30. Part of the proceeds will go to the Thessaly flood victims.

07 Sep 2023 / 13:50
Christina Adam art exhibition at the Municipal Gallery

CORFU. The exhibition opens at 19:30 on Wednesday, 13 September in the ΄Thanos Christou΄ room at the gallery and will continue until 8 October.

06 Sep 2023 / 12:33
Invitation from San Giacomo Association to a journey to the magical world of the olive

CORFU. Event being organised in collaboration with the Ionian Islands Regional Agrofood Partnership as part of the International Festival of Mediterranean Cultures.

06 Sep 2023 / 11:36
Opening of International Festival of Mediterranean Cultures

CORFU. The opening ceremony was held at the Ionian Parliament in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Elena Rapti.

06 Sep 2023 / 10:16
Official performance of CIOFF International Festival anthem composed by Kostas Savvanis

CORFU. Tonight, 6 September, at the Palace of St. Michael and St. George (in case of rain, in the Municipal Theatre).