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Corfu Photography Club exhibition ΄Korfiatiki Lambri΄ (Corfu Easter)

photography exhibition
23 Apr 2024 / 15:24

CORFU. Opening on Wednesday 24 April at 7:30 at Alexis Dairy.

On Wednesday, April 24, at 07:30 Alexis Dairy, 12 Ag. Vassileiou Street in Pinia, Corfu Photography Club members Vourti Anastasia, Brzostowicz Sonja, Giannoulis Manthos, Doukakis Vassilis, Kyprianos Markos, Komianos Nikos, Konofaos Spyros, Lavranos Stelios, Mattheopoulos Yiannis, Papadopoulos Alekos, Toptsis Apostolia, Trivizas Konstantinos and Fakiolas Theodoros, will present their works for two months, with the theme: ΄Korfiatiki Lambri΄ (Corfu Easter).

Admission free - Opening hours 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

΄Korfiatiki Lambri΄ Corfu Easter is a unique and unforgettable event, filled with religious ceremonies and customs. One of the most distinctive features of Corfu Easter is the survival of Venetian traditional elements, which have been incorporated into Orthodox traditions. This creates an exciting blend of cultures that makes Easter in Corfu truly unique.

Corfu Photography Club provides its members with the opportunity to showcase their personal perspective while also organising lectures and presentations open to the public. Its goal is to actively participate in the cultural events of our town in collaboration with individuals, clubs, organisations, and businesses.

Photo: Stelios Lavranos