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Laying of wreaths at November 17th memorial

November 17
17 Nov 2023 / 13:27

CORFU. Representatives from political parties laid wreaths at the November 17th memorial this morning.

On the 50th anniversary of the uprising at Athens Polytechnic, wreaths were laid today by representatives of national, regional and local political parties.

At the Polytechnic memorial in front of the former Prefecture, tribute was paid by SYRIZA, PASOK, the local parties Kerkyraiki Simmahia, Ekkinisi and student associations.

Wreaths were laid by SYRIZA MP Alekos Avlonitis, PASOK MP Dimitris Biaggis, the head of the municipal party Prota I Kerkyra, George Kaloudis, the municipal party Ekkinisi, the ANASA regional councillor, Alekos Michalas, the head of the municipal party Kerkyraiki Simmahia, George Karydis, the SYRIZA local committee, PASOK local committee, and the SYRIZA youth. After the wreath-laying, a minute's silence was observed.