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47th ΄Products without Middle Men΄ home deliveries on Saturday 30 September

Alternative Cultural Workshop
20 Sep 2023 / 20:21

CORFU. Organic Tomato Products - Orders can be made until the evening of Wednesday 27 September.

Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop 'Bypassing the Middle Men' Group is organising the 47th 'Products without middle men' home delivery on Saturday 30 September. To receive direct home delivery of products from the producers fill in the form below.

BIO Tomato Products

The 47th 'Products without middle men' home delivery includes the following:

Organic tomato products from the producer Paschalis Rachmanis from Anavra, Karditsa - Tomato juice, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, sauce with basil and peppers, tomato ketchup, prickly pear ketchup, tomato spoon sweet, eggplant dip.

More information about the origin of the products and prices can be found in the following order form:

Click here for Organic Tomato Products

The order form can also be found on the Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop website and Facebook Group.

Orders can be placed until late on Wednesday 27 September.

We would like to thank you for participating in our activities.


'Bypassing the Middle Men' Group

Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop

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