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Redevelopment from Tsaki to Messonghi: Disagreement over programmatic agreement with development organisation

programmatic agreement
24 Mar 2023 / 23:05

CORFU. The project concerns the redevelopment and promotion of the tourist area from Tsaki Benitses to Messonghi with pavements, kiosks, benches and lighting.

Although there is concern regarding the legal part, the Ionian Islands Regional Council approved yesterday by a majority vote the signing of a programmatic agreement between the Ionian Islands Regional Administration and the development organisation 'Evdimos SA', which concerns the redevelopment and promotion of the tourist area from Tsaki Benitses to Messonghi on the Corfu-Lefkimmi rural road.
What had happened last year with DEPAN (Greek Towns Development Network) with the project for the remaining Ionian Island waterdromes, caused concern amongst the regional councillors regarding the legality of the agreement and the expanded role that 'Evdimos' will have, as the Ionian Islands Regional Administration will essentially do nothing until the completion of the project.
In the case of the waterdromes, the Court of Auditors annulled the Administration's agreement with the Ministry for Development and DEPAN, as it found points of "circumventions of provisions".
The regional councillors, amongst which were the lawyers Drakoulogonas and Ioannou, expressed their doubts, stressing that the agreement is unsafe, while the 'ANASA' and 'LASY' parties asked that the Region's Technical Services Department undertake the project or that it be implemented through programmatic agreements with municipalities. The Technical Services Department will not intervene directly in this project and will essentially be substituted by the development organisation.
The issue brought by the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis in the meeting heated the discussion that lasted until the vote.
With 20 votes in favour and concern
Finally, the programmatic agreement was approved by a majority vote, with 20 votes in favour, but also with concern from several regional councillors and the Regional Council President Nikos Mouzakitis. 'ANASA' and 'LASY' stuck to their opinions and voted against with a total of 10 votes.
Evdimos' role
Under the programmatic agreement, 'Evdimos', which is already carrying out projects in Cephalonia, will be the project's implementing body on behalf of the Region, which will be the project owner. Only 'Evdimos' will be responsible for the supervision, tendering and selection of the contractor who will carry out the project. In fact, the project will have to be put out to tender and the contractor has to be selected by the end of 2023, in order not to lose the funding for its implementation.
It is worth noting that the project, which will be put out to international open public tender, due to its budget has already secured €5.9m funding from the 'Antonis Tritsis' programme. The study, which started in 2008 by the Achillion Municipality, has been updated by the Regional Technical Services Department, which, however, has declared its inability to undertake the project as the tender and the selection of the contractor have to be carried out by the end of the year.
Pavements, benches and lighting
The aim of the project is the construction of a continuous 5km pedestrian precinct, independent and complete, along the beach from Tsaki to Messonghi.
More specifically, the project includes the following:
- Construction of a 1.5 metres wide pavement along the entire length of the area. It is being constructed so that there will be a safe road for pedestrians along this section of the beach that will be separated from the sand.
- Construction of 250 metres of walls to support the slopes, on which a pavement will be built.
- Installation of modern LED lights with integrated photovoltaic with remote management system for real-time data recording and reporting from multiple sensors to manage all the functions of the lighting system and monitor the amount of money savings and energy consumption each month.
- Creation of recreational areas with kiosks, benches and parking spaces on the pavement of the existing rural road.
The project is considered necessary because holiday homes, catering establishments and shops have been created along the road.
This is also the only available (but not safe) road for pedestrians to walk and the only access to the beach.
The programmatic agreement will last for 36 months from its signing, with the possibility of a one-year extension.