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Civil Society Network of Mediterranean Historical Cities

San Giacomo
25 Oct 2018 / 09:19

CORFU. On Saturday 20 October, at the emblematic Ionian Parliament building in Corfu Town, the Statutes establishing the Civil Society Network of Historical Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean were signed.

The Statutes were signed by the partners “San Giacomo” Association from Corfu, “Associazione 25 Aprile” from Venice, “UdrugaGrad” from Dubrovnik, “exARTIS” from Paphos, Cyprus, “RICHes” from Rhodes and “Regno di Candia” from Crete.

The signing of the Statutes sealed the 3-day meetings including workshops and a main open event during which presentations were made by the members and special experts invited by the “San Giacomo” association.

The aims of the “Civil Society Network of Mediterranean Historical Cities”, as set out in the Statutes emphasise the conservation of their cultural heritage, the protection and promotion of their cultural identity, the cooperation for their sustainability and the prevention and tackling, where required, of threatening phenomena, such as over-tourism, providing bases for livable cities.

In order to fulfil their objectives, the participating organizations will exchange experiences, collaborate with European and International Organizations, such as UNESCO, seek the cooperation of strategic partners and bodies and other Civil Society stakeholders. Through collaboration all members of the Network will offer their input on different thematic fields towards the creation and implementation of the Network’s objectives and priorities.

An on-line collaboration platform, which will be implemented as one of the Network’s first priorities, should provide open an collaboration channel for all interested parties and empower other associations focused on the same principles and values to join the Network.

According to the Statutes, the yearly Presidency of the Network will follow a rotation system, beginning with Venice, while Corfu and Dubrovnik will follow.  The yearly meetings of the members will take place in the city holding the Presidency each time.