Corfu wins more international awards for organic honey than any other part of Greece

Three Corfu producers won a total of 7 Gold and 6 Silver Medals this year.

February / 2022

The international competition for the best organic honey in the world took place in Matera, Southern Italy, on 18 and 19 December, 2021.

BIOLMIEL is the only international competition for organic honey and its mission is to promote the quality of honey from organic beekeeping and disseminate specific knowledge on the subject. The international jury judges the honeys based on their quality and makeup (HMF etc.) as well as their special features such as taste, aroma, texture, colour etc.

Over 200 producers from all over the world took part again this year with their honey samples. The awards are organised by CRA (Italian Centre for Beekeeping Research) in collaboration with ICEA and CIBi/Premiobiol (Bari Chamber of Commerce.

Corfu has not only always taken part in the competition since it began in 2008, but has always won awards! This year, three producers won 7 Gold and 6 Silver in both categories (monofloral and multifloral).

Thanasis Kontostanos "Meligoni honey" - 2 Gold and 1 Silver

Stefanos Geranos - 2 Gold and 3 Silver

Panayiotis Vassilakis (Corfu Melissokomiki) - 3 Gold and 2 Silver

Their products can be found at select shops in Corfu.