Money owed to Municipality can be paid in 100 installments - deadline for applications 31 October

CORFU. Those owing money to the Municipality can submit an application by 31 October to pay off the debts in 100 installments.

June / 2021

Debts up to 28 February which were already arranged can also be included in the new arrangement.

Applications should be submitted on the platform but, as this is not in place yet, debtors can submit their applications directly to their Municipality via app, e-mail or on the website.

"Any money owed to the Municipality from the period 1/1/20 to 30/6/21, either by members of the public or businesses, can be included in the 100 installments," said Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Deputy Mayor for Finance Giorgos Pantelios.

The arrangement allows debtors to pay off the whole amount in 100 installments with 50-100% of accumulated interest written off.

Those eligible are the unemployed, workers whose contracts were suspended, those who received government financial support, property owners whose rental income was reduced by decision of the public authority and all businesses hit by the government's Covid measures.