Corfu Mountain Ultra Trail: A special event with some great performances

CORFU. The Mountain Trail is a tough race covering 110km of mountains, coastlines and plains along difficult paths but the wonderful Corfu nature makes it a unique experience.

May / 2021

The race was completed succesfully over the weekend despite the difficult circumstances due to the pandemic. 30 out of the 72 foreign nationals who were due to come to Corfu were unable to travel. A lot of Greeks were also unable to plan because of the restrictive measures that were in place until the week before the race.

The route, which covers a large part of the island, is considered difficult but beautiful and both the international runners and the Corfiots enjoyed it.

We spoke with the head of the organising committee Vassilis Alamanos, a former NAOK rower, and asked him to tell us what he had expected from this year's event and how it turned out. He told us that, "This year we had to wait until the last moment to see how many would be taking part because, due to the restrictive measures, there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether the runners could travel here. A lot of the international runners combine the Trail with holidays but only 42 out of the 72 were able to come. These include runners who have distinguished themselves internationally and we are honoured that Corfu has made a name for itself. We are able to make an important contribution to sports tourism, which is increasingly playing a significant role for Corfu.

A benefit for the island is that, for the race, we clean and maintain 140km of paths for the one day of the race, and the other 364 days of the year everyone else can enjoy including the 7,000 hikers that come to the island every year."

Regarding this year's race, the results and next year's event, he said, "34 runners completed the 110km race, witnessing the island's beauties along the difficult route with coastline, olive groves and mountains. Organisationally, everything was perfect and we would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and the volunteers from 24 villages who helped us set up the stations - without them we wouldn't have been able to organise an event like this. I hope that next year, when the event is scheduled for 7 - 8 May, we won't have any problems and that there will be more participants."

A total of 42 runners took part, with 34 of them completing the 110km route - 4 women and 30 men. Another 8 men ran part of the route.


18+ age group
1st - Steven Roux (France): 13 hours, 38 minutes, 53 seconds
2nd - Spyros Nikolouzos: 16:37:37
3rd - Petros Titologos: 16:48:49

41+ age group
1st - Spyros Apergis: 17:43:04
2nd - Tomas Domasevic: 19:05:23
3rd - Christos Papachrysanthou: 19:54:39

56+ age group
1st - Aristotelis Dilintas: 21:22:38
2nd - Konstantinos Michail: 25:02:35
3rd - Ioannis Konstantinidis: 26:04:07

18+ age group
1st - Anzhelika Lastremska: 24:11:32

41+ age group
1st - Katerina Metaxa: 26:45:03
2nd - Maria Eleftheriadou: 26:47:29
3rd - Manina Doulou: 27:05:04

See the results for all 4 trails (110km, 40km, 20km, 10km) here.