3rd vaccination stream in operation at Corfu Health Centre from 5 May

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CORFU. At the moment there are two vaccination streams with the Pfizer vaccine in operation at Corfu Health Centre with 150 people being innoculated per day.

April / 2021

The following announcement was made regarding the vaccination programme:

"The Corfu Health Centre Coordinator Sofia Mavropoulou, her deputy Evaggelia Mavroforou, the Vaccination Programme Manager Stylianos Vardakastani and all the medical personnel are doing their very best to implement the 'Eleftheria' vaccination programme and as a result we have had no vaccines left over to date.

From 5 May there will be an additional vaccination stream, which will mean an extra 100 people being vaccinated per day.

With Easter coming up we would like to wish peace and love for everyone and strength to dream and overcome the difficult period we are going through.

The Coordinator and all the staff wish everyone in Corfu a Happy Easter."