All For Blue volunteers collect 11½ bags of rubbish in Corfu

CORFU. All For Blue, which organises beach and underwater clean-ups, has set up a group in Corfu.

April / 2021

All For Blue is an international, nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the protection of the oceans with educational ocean conservation seminars.. It aims to protect the marine ecosystem and  to provide education about how to avoid single use plastics.

On Sunday the group in Corfu collected 11½ bags of rubbish from beaches from Avlaki to Akoli!

Along with the photos they posted on social media, participants listed some of the 'rubbish' which they collected: "80s TV sets, plugs, pipes and lots of masks were just some of the objects which we collected.

You really can't describe what we found - the beaches were full of rubbish and looked like tips. This and the image presented should be a matter of concern for the authorities. Our congratulations to the team of volunteers who cleaned up and walked 10km in the sun to help protect our seas from so much plastic and rubbish. Have a good summer!"