Alternative Cultural Workshop: Cheese Products without Middle Men on Saturday 24 April

CORFU. Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop ΄Bypassing the Middle Men΄ Group is organising the 7th ΄Products without middle men΄ home delivery.

April / 2021

Cheese Products - Home Delivery - Corfu 24 April

Without Middle Men

Fill in your address and phone number on the order form and the products will be delivered to your home on Saturday 24 April.

Please Note: The producer has set a minimum total order of 500kg in order to deliver to Corfu.

'Alithino tis Fanis' Cheese Products from Kalivia Olympus, Elassona

POP Feta in packages of 15kg, 7.5kg, 4kg, 2kg and 1kg; Sour Milk Cheese; Butter

Further information and prices can be found in the order form:
Order Form

The order form is also available on Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop website and on the Facebook Group.

Orders can be made until the evening of Tuesday 20 April.

We would like to thank you for your participation.

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Corfu Alternative Cultural Workshop
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