95 school heads sign statement protesting against Meropi Ydraiou΄s letter requesting removal of Christos Anthis as Education Director

CORFU. The vast majority of primary and nursery school heads consider Ms. Ydraiou΄s letter unacceptable and undemocratic.

April / 2021

Joint statement:

As educators and as heads and supervisors of schools and nurseries, we consider the action Mayor Meropi Ydraiou's took to be unacceptable and undemocratic. In a non-transparent way she has asked the Ministry of Education to remove the Director of Primary Education because she doesn't like the way he carries out his duties.

We consider that the targeting of the Director of Education using the excuse that he cooperated with Corfu Primary School Teachers' Union (SEPE) - in other words with the organised democratic voice of teachers - targets all of us. We will continue to put forward and demand solutions to the problems faced by the schools we serve.

This statement is signed by 95 heads (of a total of 114 schools) of primary schools and supervisors of nursery schools in Corfu.