EODY reports 8 new cases of Covid-19 in Corfu today - 8 April

ATHENS. EODY announced 3,228 confirmed new cases on Thursday 8 April including 8 new cases in Corfu.

April / 2021

EODY announced that there were 3,228 confirmed new cases today. 10 of the cases were detected at entry points.

The total number of cases in Greece is now 288,230, of which 51.4% are males. Over the last 7 days 102 of the cases are connected to arrivals from abroad and 2,844 are connected with known cases.

There were 73 deaths today taking the total number of fatalities to 8,680. 95.6% of these had underlying health conditions or were over 70.

776 patients are intubated in ICUs.The average age is 67 and 83% have underlying health conditions or are over 70. 1,825 patients have been discharged from ICUs

The number of new hospital admissions is 595 (+ 13.55%) and the average number of admissions throughout the country over the last 7 days is 522.