Firefighters fought hard to prevent fire from spreading inside the ship - and succeeded!

Photto: Stamatis Katapodis

CORFU. Using all available means and with full coordination (even the airport fire engine was called out) firefighters were able get the fire that had broken out in the MSC Lyrica΄s lifeboats at 15:30 under control within two hours.

March / 2021

According to Corfu Fire Chief Kolovos, the main achievement of the operation was to prevent the fire from spreading to the interior of the cruise ship. The heat had even destroyed the windows but eight firefighters and crew members fought from within the ship to stop it spreading inside!

The fact that the fire was on the side of the ship facing out to sea made matters more difficult and meant that it would have to be tackled from the sea - but the Coastguard's firefighting boat is based in Igoumenitsa. A fire engine was loaded onto an open ferry boat so as not to lose any time and was able to help get the fire under control before it could do more damage to the ship.

The fire broke out in the lifeboats and spread no further, with damage being done to the deck on the starboard side. The Coastguard is conducting an investigation into the cause of the fire.