Collaboration between Ionian University and Achillion Palace

CORFU. A working meeting was held at the Achillion on Thursday 18 February.

February / 2021

The meeting was held to establish a collaboration between the two institutions. Taking part were the Director of the museum Anastasios Diavatis and his colleagues along with the Dean of the Ionian University Andreas Floros and the Director of the University Museum Stavros Vlizos.

Each side's areas of focus were discussed so that 'bridges' of knowledge and activities can be created for the benefit of the Corfu community.

Priority was given to the establishment of a common working group which will focus on matters to do with the operation and infrastructure of the Achillion Museum including a series of common activities to connect research and educational matters with the wider Corfu community.

Immediate action to be taken includes documenting collections, organising exhibitions, printed or online research publications related to the Achillion, the use of innovative technology to showcase the Achillion's special identity etc. It was agreed to develop a close cooperation via the aforementioned based on mutually beneficial practices and exchange of expertise.