Gold, silver and bronze medals for 3 young Corfu athletes

ATHENS. Spyridoula Karydi wins Gold, Panayiota Dosi wins Silver and Dimitris Monopolis wins Bronze in the National Indoor Athletics Championships.

February / 2021

The 35th Greek National Indoor Athletics Championships began on Friday 12th February at the Peace & Friendship Stadium.

Spyridoula Karydi won the gold medal in the triple jump with 13.72m ahead of Lymberopoulou with 12.77.

Panayiota Dosi won the silver medal with 1.83m - an improvement on her individual best this year of 1.81 - behind the Athens athlete Ioanna Zaka who won with 1.85m.

Dimitris Monopolis won a bronze medal.

Panayiota Dosi